level break section producing extra xml entry


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I am having difficulty with why my xml output has an "extra", empty section when the UBE level break section prints.

I'll try to explain with a snippet of my xml output:
Extra XML section tag.jpg

There is nothing in the UBE that is calling that section an extra time.

The issue is that this section is the trigger for a page break in the BI template. Because of this extra entry in the xml, I have an extra page break that is unwanted.

1) Is there any way to suppress this 'extra' entry from being written to the XML (via some UBE code)?
2) If not, is there any way to ignore it in the template?

If you can send me the XML file, i can help. We need to apply some logic that will run the repeating group only when we have certain condition met.
For example, in below code we will execute the group only when we Rank variable greater than zero. Stub_Detail_S16 will not be run where this variable is not populated.


Thanks for the response. We were able to figure out why we are getting the extra entry in the xml. It is because that section is marked with the 'Reprint at page break' property. When we removed that property, the 'extra' line in the xml is gone!

That is an interesting idea you have... I am still new to this BI template stuff so that is over my head at this time, but sometime I will revisit this to figure out what you are trying to accomplish there. Having some techniques under my belt to manipulate the output via the template instead of having to change the UBE would be good know. Thanks again.
Hi Jeremy,

How did you finally try turning off the 'Reprint at page break' property? I have the same issue and it is causing a blank first page. I have definitively identified the same self-closing XML tag as the culprit, but had no way of determining what was causing it. As soon as I can check the UBE, I'll write back on whether is solved my problem as well.

Ben again,
Hi Jeremy and all,

I am having the same issue where the self-closing XML tag is definitely the culprit - however, I have no section that is marked with the 'Reprint at page break' property. I DO have about 12 places where there is Suppress Section Write system function - could that be causing this XML to be written? Also, if that even is the case, how would I work around that?

Any other ideas are welcome.

Ben again,

Suppress section write is the reason. As it suppresses information to be printed, but section tags are created still. My 2 thoughts to work it out

1) Change in BIP template - with your repeating group condition add a condition that your main element has a value. See below example -

<?for-each:Sales_Order_Detail___Revisions_S1[DocumentOrderInvoiceE_ID1>0]?>, in this example I added a condition on DOCUMENT invoice# >0. So the repeating group prints only if the key information has a value.

2) Change in report - if the above solution not working and dont find a solution to work it out in the BIP template, we can make a change in the report design. Print information by calling a custom section. dont print on the main section where you have suppress section tags. this is practicable when there is less information displayed. if you are with crazy reports like invoice/ pickslip, then it is time consuming and painful process.

Please let us know if it works out.

Thanks Gov,

I did exactly what you suggested in 1) above and I am now working. I picked one of the Key information labels and actually did a count on the label being != 0.

Ben again