Level Break on PO Print


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Would anyone know how to work-around a Level Break? The Address Number - Ship To field (SHAN) on the F4311 table is a level break for Section On Ship To (Header) in the R43500 PO Print UBE. I am trying to move a diffrent value into the F4311 Ship To field other than the value that had defaulted into it from the F4301 PO Header. After the On Ship To (Header) section is performed the first time, the level break is executed and the application goes on to the Purchase Order Print Section bypassing the On Ship To (Header) section because the existing ship to field on the next detail is the same as the previous detail record.


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Have you tried to code the value you want to appear in the Event Rules? You could probably do it in the Do Section or the Column Inclusion for the RV you want to override.


Bill Feeney
B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6