Left outer join error.



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Left outer join done on F0101.AN8 *=F0092.AN8 . when I tried to open BSVW (object browser) it says "error". I even deleted and tried the same number of times / created a new one and even simple join also not working.

please let me know if somebody faced such problem.

Note: If I keep only one table in BSVW then i am able to see the view.

please suggest .

Thanks in advance.
Are the 2 tables on the same database?

I tried it here in our DV environment, and it works fine on a fat client, though I can't QBE the user ID.
But on the local web client, it gives me a JAS_MSG346: JAS database failure: [CROSS_DATA_SOURCE_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED]
Thanks for your response . below is the query which needs to transformed as join in JDEdwards .

select uluser, ulan8,
aban8, abalph, abat1, abnoe,
rltorole, rlfrrole, rleffdate, rlexpirdate
from sxdcjdesql03.jde910.sy910.F0092
left join sxdcjdesql03.jde_production.proddta.f0101
on aban8=ulan8
left join sxdcjdesql03.jde910.sy910.f95921
on uluser=rltorole
where abat1='E'
order by uluser
You can't browser tables from different datasource from JAS, Fo0101 comes from proddta and the others tables come from different schema.

You could create a virtual table in jde on proddta mixing the different datasources at database level.


Bruno Condemi
I am not using the proddata table .. I am trying to develop new UBE in DV environment and I am able to create the left outer join as shown on three tables and created .H file successfully.

So just want to know if there is any limitation or any other privilege issues on tables like F0092 & F95921.

But when the same view used in UBE I am unable to run and unable to open the BSVW in object browser to verify the data aswell.

Open both the tables viz. F0101 & F0092 in the UTB (Universal Table Browser) on Fat client. You will see that both of the tables belong to different Data Source.
Yes, there is a web limitation and both Bruno & David MENTIONED it.
Bruno already suggested a solution, that I used, successfully.

PS Your SQL shows "... left join sxdcjdesql03.jde_production.proddta.f0101 ... " That is THE production database.