Launching a subsystem returns warning


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Hi folks,

I have written a C++ BSFN that is given me a return flag of 1 everytime I call it, but it works and calls the subsystem successfully.
Any idea why it would give a warning but actually work?

WRK:GTSOVEPY_30181888_DConnector Return value is 1 for RRDLaunchR554216AsSubsystem. (BSFNLevel = 3)


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John, the return code is what the function "return" statement is set to. For example return ER_SUCCESS; return ER_WARNING; return ER_ERROR;


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OK, makes sense

I changed my code to this pasted below (from Not Equal to Success). But any idea why my BSFN would issue a warning even when it launches the subsystem correctly??

"1" -> cMode [EV01]
BF mnDocumentOrderInvoiceE [DOCO] -> mnDocumentOrderInvoiceE [DOCO]
BF szStatusCodeWo [SRST] -> szStatusCodeWo [SRST]
VA evt_Version_VERS [VERS] -> szVersion [VERS]
VA evt_Error_DTAI [DTAI] <> szError [DTAI]

If SV Error_Status is equal to CO ERROR
BF szDataItem [DTAI] = "634A"
End If