E9.2 Latest Upgrade to 9.2 from 9.1


Does any one has recent experience in upgrading JDE Enterprise One 9.1 to 9.2 ? Any challenges you have come across or difficulties with customizations in legacy system?


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Hi there... I am working on such a retrofit currently. It has been quite straight forward so far, no technical challenges to mention.
However, one thing that may be a bit time-consuming (but rewarding in the long run) is to identify customizations that could be handled using the new features in 9.2, specifically UDOs and Orchestrator and thereby getting rid of the modifications (mostly in interactive applications)
- Form extensions - Allows you to add table columns to grids, even if the table column is not part of the business view
- Form extensions - You can now add buttons to forms and have them launch and orchestration or a UBE and pass data to it from the form or grid
- Personal forms - Move and rename form controls