Laservault Archive Application


We are currently running JDE OneWorld XE (B7333) service pack 15.1. We have just converted over from an RPG based environment. One tool we were using to archive our spooled files is Laservault. Laservault cannot accept PDF reports for archival. Does anyone know how to create a report within JDE OneWorld that is not in a PDF format. We have created line printers and sent the report to these, but when we attempt to print the reports half of it is chopped off. Any thoughts out there? Thanks.


When you run reports manually, there is an option for running them as CSV
files (Comma Seperated Values, I think).This allows you to open the file in
Excel. You should be able to use the same format to send to a line printer
if you can automate this option.

Shane McConnell
OW Xe 14.2



You can check the "CSV(Comma Delimited)" check box on the Document Setup tab
of the Printer Selection form. The report is output in CSV format which you
can then view using the "View CSV" row exit on the Submitted Jobs form.