Labor Processing via F06116Z1 with blank GL Account Information.


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The company I am with is currently in a migration from World to E1 9.1.

I have been tasked with creating the interface between out outside Time Tracking system and JDE Payroll and will be processed through the F06116Z1 like it is in World.

One item is that the Labor Code (account number sometimes with Work Order) is not required. The way they do it now is each employee has a Labor Distribution (PDBA Code=1) in the F06106 that can be more than 1 line used to determine what the Business Unit, Object Account, Subsidiary should be split between. The Worked Hours is used as a percentage and should add up to 100. Right now is done programmatically. Same distribution rules (PDBA=1) is used for other PDBA codes (rarely needed). However my questions are:

1: If we leave the Account information blank in the F06116Z1, will is automatically split when processed to the F06116?
2: Will the PDBA = 1 labor distribution work for other PDBA codes?
3: If the Hours Word in the F06106 do not add up to 100, will the hours still calculate correctly (I only know of 1 employee's distribution that does not and they are retired)?