How can I do a model for labels on RDA with OneWorld B733 ?

I try to do 2 colums of address number and Mailing Name for expample:

999999 999991
Purolator Purolyte

I need help for changing the address number on the second column and for keep the same margings on the first page for all the pages.

(Sorry for my english, I'm french)
Thanks for help !! ;¬)

Financial RDA
I'd proceed something like this...

1. Create a non-printing section in the report that will view the necessary records.
2. Create 2 sets of variables (AN81,AN82 & say, ALPH1,ALPH2) - these will effectively contain the "left" and "right" label data.
3. Start "consuming" the data. If your "counter" variable is odd - then assign data into AN81 and ALPH1. If even then the right side variables.
4. When the counter is "EVEN" then call a NEW (printing, CONDITIONAL) section and assign these variables into that section (actually you probably don't need to create "variables" - you could just create globally scoped RV's.
5. You probably would also want some sort of line counter so that you could throw a page break after 10 or so lines. (just use a conditional section which has "page break after" set up)

Hope this helps,