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I apologize that this question doesn't necessarily fall under this specific forum. There doesn't seem to be anywhere for me to post this question, yet it may apply to all of us. Pleez bear with me.

We seem to be having a problem when we try to access the Knowledge Garden (KG) while using Internet Explorer 5.5. When we click on the link (or enter in the address), we enter the user and password, then wait a really, really long time for IE to time out and tell us the page cannot be displayed. What I do to get around this is wait a while for IE to work on the page, click the stop button, then click on the KG link again. The page then pops up immediately. I don't have this problem with Netscape.

I have opened a call with the group that manages the KG to help resolve it. They are dragging their feet and saying we are the only ones that are having this problem. My reason for posting this message is to ask if anyone else is experiencing this problem. Are you? If so, could you respond here so I could report to JDE that we're not the only ones? Or, even better, fill out the form at this link:

Hopefully, I haven't wasted your time and there are others out there who would love to see this problem cleared up.

Thanx much for your time

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We had this problem awhile ago. It ended up that the problem was linked to the Virus protection on our Proxy server. We were using McAfee to scan all the pages as they were downloading which took a lot of time (1-3 Minutes per page). We now have a faster Proxy server with Norton Anti-virus. We did not have a problem after that.

Hope that helps.

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Interesting! Then I suppose that would go along with the thread posted by sv800 regarding JDE recommended anti-virus software.


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I've been using IE 5.5.4522.1800 for quite some time (on Win 2K if it
matters) and haven't had any problems with the KG. Maybe get the latest 5.5
update pack from MS and try again?

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Yes, I have seen and had this problem. I don't know if it's necessarily a
problem with the Knowledge Garden as mush as it is a problem with IE itself.
It could be that the KG is very busy or your network/Internet connection is
clogged up or it could just be something wrong with IE or all of the updates
and service packs that Microsoft puts out for everything. If you find
anything out let me know. Good luck,

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