Kernel process to zombie state


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Hello there

Is anyone know how to turn specific kernel process to zombie state? or it is not possible?

I am not sure why you would want to do this, but just killing/terminating the process on the server will set the process to zombie state.
Thanks, specific users got an error on UBE and when she sign in back she were getting same PID so I thought killing that process on server will fix the issue in future.

My solution on that time was to restart services and everyone had to sign out.

Killing a process will set that process to be a "zombie" in JDE. Then clicking on "Clear Zombies" will remove all the pids from JDENet so users are no longer pointed to the dead PID's.

If you know the PID you can recycle a call object kernel from Server Manager.

Hi Tom.
Can you please tell me how you do that in Server manager?
I know how to get PID and can find call object for that PID but dont know to recycle?