Kerberos Authentication - 9.1 / IBM Websphere


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Our current setup is 9.1 (shortly to go live) with LDAP authentication (Windows/SQL platform). IBM Websphere 8.5.5 for Web Access via F5 / Big IP. Question is quite straightforward or so I thought ;) Will this setup support Kerberos authentication in any way ?

I put the question to Oracle support and got back some information specific to OAS / Oracle stack. Last response I received was:

" Sorry for my late answer, but I have addressed this question to our development team.
OAM/SSO configuration was done with Oracle WebLogic Server only. EnterpriseOne currently does not support OAM/SSO with IBM WebSphere Application Server. There are JDK different between Oracle JDK and IBM JDK. Therefore the currently documented configuration will not work on IBM WebSphere. "

We have no plans to change from IBM Websphere and there is IBM documentation regarding Kerberos support for IBM Websphere.

Any thoughts?

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This is something I have been wanting to set up for some time. However, never really got the infrastructure support to do it. If you google "SPNEGO Websphere SG247771", you will get a Redbook document that talks about the AD and WebSphere side. In addition, I found a good document from Oracle on setting up the the SPNEGO trusted authentication interceptor. Its written for Hyperion but my thought was that the methodology would work with E1. I will try to post that doc sometime.
Thank you for your reply.

Our situation is that Infrastructure are wanting to move towards a Kerberos based authentication throughout our organisation :)

Thank you for the references - I'd be interested in the Hyperion document too if you have it handy.

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Its not Kerberos based but check out Everest Software's JDE SSO product. Minimal footprint and works very well for us.