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JWalk "Ghosting"

JWalk \"Ghosting\"

Hi All,

We are on JDE A7.3 Cum 7. We are also running Seagul's J Walk 3.1C3
Windows Client. We are experiencing what we call ghosting. For
instance, if we enter a value or two in the processing options of a dream
writer, hit page down, those values that we entered on the first screen
come over to the second screen - wether there are fields for them or not.
It only seems to happen on NT machines, service pack doesn't seem to
matter. If we have a pc that is ghosting, we pull it out and install a
Win 95 machine...viola! No more ghosting...

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the resolution? Any
suggestions (asside from the obvious: go to green screen :) would be very