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julian date conversion

I wan to use the G/L date in a parameter in crystal reports. But first a think I need to convert the G/L date from the julian date.
Anyone any ideas how to write this in SQL language via the command promt ??



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Congratulations on your first post on JDEList. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for posting, especially including your system configuration in your posts. If you search JDEList, you'll find that this subject has been discussed many times. Formulas have been given for doing this date conversion.

One thing that people have done and posted is to create database views, and then report off those views. Here's where your system configuration comes in. Depending on your database, there will be somewhat different commands to create the function to convert the julian date to a regular date field.

I'd suggest you at least do a search of JDEList, and then post back if you have any questions, including your configuration info.



Look this example in crystal reports :

numbervar JulianDate:={F4211.SDCNDJ};

stringvar DateString;
dateTimevar NewDate;

DateString := ToText(JulianDate,3);
NewDate:=Date (2000+ToNumber(Mid(DateString,2,2)),1 ,1 );
NewDate:=DateAdd("d", ToNumber(Mid(DateString,5, Length(DateString)-4))-1, NewDate);