Journal Entry issue with large transactions


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.

We often run into this issue. An accounting user will copy/paste a large amount of data into the Journal Entry application P0911 creating a new GL transaction. However, after they press OK, the data has not yet been written to the F0911 table. It must be being done in an asynchronous business function (F0911 EndDoc), so it does not appear until a few minutes later.

However, the batch header in the F0011 already exists and often the user will after exiting P0911 go to the batch review screen and choose to post the batch. If the F0911 records have not been written yet due to the delay in the asynchronous process, the batch header will be flagged as posted but none of its detail will actually be posted.

We have asked them to always wait a few minutes before trying to post a large batch or just select the batch to see if the detail is really there yet before posting, but a user will not always remember to do that.

My question, does anyone have any ideas on how to force the issue here, to not allow them to post a batch until the asynch process has completed writing the data to the F0911. We do run integrity reports and in this case it, the Transactions header to detail integrity report R007021 does shows this situation that the header is posted but the detail is not, but we would prefer to somehow now even allow them to try to post the batch if the detail has not yet been written. Any ideas would be appreciated.