Job Ticket %PDFfileName command


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I've been trying to understand more about the Job Ticket commands and how to use them. I can find some documentation on the cpEmail commands in the Email documentation, but I can't find any references to CPOW or PDfileName in any of the 6 Create!form documentation PDFs.

What exactly does the %PDFfileName=#!JdeNameVersion_REQUIRED!# command do?

I've mainly work with Create!forms to reformat JDE PDF's and send them out as email attachments. The cpEmail:-THIS command is what sets the email attachment name. I guess I'm trying to understand why we always specify the PDF name twice.



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The JTT parameter %PDFfileName is a way to specify the name of the JDE PDF that is being processed. At one time in early versions of Cform for OneWorld/E1 the name of the JDE PDF was required. In current versions the software will automatically match the name of the CformDesigner project to the JDE PDF being processed. Except for using a Merge Node... there you have to specify what form project you want to use (or create user variable logic to mimic automatic project name matching).

What I use the %PDFfileName parameter for is when I have a node that I specifically want to use a different CformDesigner project for the merge (for example an SO Ack that does not contain any pricing info or a "file copy" of a document sent to customer/vendor) %PDFfileName= is the parameter and the text between the #! and !# begin/end characters is the text name you see in the node when the .JTT file is used. Instead of #!JdeNameVersion_REQUIRED!# it could say something more useful like #!FormProjectName!#. By default Cform is going to match to the UBE name and version name that comes out of E1. Using that parameter you can change a job name from R42565_ZJDE001 to R42565_NoPricing.