Job Scheduler issue


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.

We have a request to schedule a certain job to run every 30 minutes but only between 6 am and midnight. To set up this up in Job Scheduler, we would seem to have two options. Set it up to run daily evey thirty minutes, 24 hours, which is actually more often than needed since we really don't need or want it to run between midnight and 6 am. Or set up 37 individual job scheduler entries. One at 6:00 am, one at 6:30 am, etc up till midnight.

Has anyone had a similar request and come up with a better solution? Thanks for your response.
Yes, we had a similar need, and I created a wrapper UBE, which I launch at a specific time, and gave it a processing option to tell it at what time to stop running. It's a bit of development, but sure beats excessive batch runs and definitely beats creating 37 job entries!
Thanks. So you schedule to wrapper UBE to be submitted at some appointed start time, then it runs constantly in batch and waits on the half hour, let's say in my case, to submit the actual UBE? That is a GL upload to a Hyperion system by the way. So your job is basically always running from when its submitted to the appointed end time.
That's correct. So be careful putting that job in a single-threaded batch queue (if you have other jobs that also need to run in that same queue).