Job number in Requisition Orders


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For small projects, we do not create separate BUs (and account numbers). We just put it in allocation accounts. Finance department is okay with this procedure.

But Procurement department want to know how much material one project is requested. Right now, we just put the job number in Order Header Description like Job#16101. The user can review this through P4310, but we cannot generate reports based on this ? For example, how much material the project/ job 16101 is requested during October, 2016.

Any suggestions, please.


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When I worked for a construction company we had a shell COA which we copied for each project. Only thing that changed was the MCU
Each account OBJ SUB would be used for things like fire escapes or windows etc.
Do you not do something like that? with OBJ and SUB?

Or if you know the suppliers the items came from or even the items themselves, you could group them and total that way?

I'd have to see how you've grouped and organised things
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Another solution might be using Work Orders, if you own the module. Very little overhead in terms of BUs and GL accounts. You enter the work order in the subledger field when entering a PO (Or just about any other transaction, for that matter). Reporting on the subledger is pretty straight forward at that point.


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Hello Rauf,

I think it isn't a technical issue. Maybe you'll find more help if you post this issue at a functional forum.

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Hi johndanter,

Yes. They are doing like this.
For big jobs, it will be the corresponding job number as MCU, then OBJ and SUB follows. This kind of records can be based grouped based on MCU.

But for very small 'jobs', they are using one allocation account (ALLOC01). So we just agreed to put 'Job Number' in 'Explanation' filed. But I see it is little bit 'dangerous', because '[white space]16101' is not same as of '16101'. But I have no alternatives.

By doing so, we can generate reports based on this field. Also we can define data select as 'Explanation' is Equal to '16101'.

Am I OK :) ?


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Hi markdcci,

You are also right. But I need to check if they create AN8 (or something else ) for each job or not.