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Does anyone know of a good source for information on use of the job costing
application (G5) of World? I have a good background for job costing, but
have not used the JDE portion much and see some items that I would like to
study before use. We have yet to use the system here, and have no manuals
for use. Ideally, an online site would be a good solution...

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JDE manuals are on the Knowledge Gardens, other than that I'm not aware of
any other source of information, but I'd sure like to find one. We have
been trying to determine the best fit for Job Cost for sometime. We use it
successfully for Capital Projects, but we see it as a tool for Plant
Maintenance. Sure would like to know if anyone else has mastered this.


Peter Davis
Business Analyst
NF Hydro

JKlunk <[email protected]> on 09-07-2001 09:55:31 AM



Why not speak to a J.D. Edwards business partner that specialises in this
area. Your local JDE account manager should be able to help find you one if
not I am sure my company can help.


Adrian Parker


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Thanks Peter. I pulled the manual for A7.3 from KG. I'm trying to implement
Job Cost for Capital Projects. Not sure where it may go after this if it
works, but I will keep you informed if I/we make additional progress for
other uses...



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For Plant Maintenance why not use JDE Equipment Plant Maintenance, will all
the features for effective plant maintenance?

Nichelle Wilcox
Application Development Manager
Furr's Restaurant Group
Richardson, Tx
JDE World A73.11 720 v4r4



We are using JDE Equipment / Plant Maintenance for Plant Maintenance. But
JDE Plant Maint. uses some Job Cost functionality, specifically "Reviewing
Shop Cost by Repair Code" page 3-30 of the P.M. manual. Our challenge is
determining the most effective way of structuring our B.U.'s and Repair
Codes / Cost Codes (Subsidiaries), so as to provide users with a clear
picture of cost by activities and tasks, ie Work Orders. Maint. also uses
funtionality in systems 30,31,33,34,40,41,and 43 toaccomplish maint.
planning needs. We are also looking at how B.U.'s and Cost Codes, could be
used to effectively plan maint. activities.

Again, if anyone out there has any suggestion, I'd love to here them.

Peter Davis

Nichelle <[email protected]> on 13-07-2001 10:58:40 AM


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