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Hi all
We have been having some problems with JITI on our Critix servers lately (very
slow) and I was wondering should I be allowing peole to checkout/checkin objects
(mainly Report Versions)on a thin client due to the possible problems. I'm
going to build some global specs but should I insist on checkout/checkin to be
done only on a fat client?

What do other sites do?

Thanks for any views

B7332 SP11.3, As400, NT4, NT4TSE

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Kieran, as a rule it is not good for performance to check out objects on a WTS. You also run the risk of corruption with the server objects and specs. At our site we only allow the administrators to do this and it is done only in the case where we need a program change available immediately but can't deploy an update package.

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JITI on Citrix Servers??? Even though the Pathcode is setup for JITI, I
would imagine that there should be too much JITI'ing on Production Citrix
servers since they are normally built from Full packages with full global
table specs and full data dictionary specs. In production I have absolutley
no development ie. No JITI to Citrix servers. Everything is created in CRP
and then Transfer to PROD and update packages build for the Citrix servers.

As for the object checkout/checkin it's not a really great way to go on a
Citrix box especially if you have more than one Citrix server and especially
if you load balance them.

On B7332 you should definitely not allow checkin/checkout on the Citrix box.
You can stop this process using row security on the F983051.