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JDE\'s Code Management

First, SP's are across the board, not pathcode specific. Second, once the
SP was installed, we were stuck because it broke other items. We had two
choices, either roll back the SP (and not have the initial issue fixed,
which HAD to be fixed for SEC requirements), or 2- install the ESU into
PROD. We were under a time crunch, and we KNEW that without the ESU applied,
certain functionality would not work. Therefore we had to go with the ESU.
We applied the ESU, the issue that was caused by the SP was resolved, but
then other issues were created by the application of the ESU. We were caught
between having one thing broken or another, which is my point exactly. You
apply an ESU to fix an issue, and then often it causes others which is where
the frustration comes in. You get into a never-ending cycle of applying
ESU's to fix new issues. If we had a functioning SP to begin with, there
would have been no need for an ESU to be applied to FIX the SP. Secondly, if
the ESU that was applied to fix the SP worked, we would have never had to
apply ESU#2, #3, #4.
Again, I am actually a proponent of JDE, but I am getting frustrated with
their code management as well. Things that were fixed in B733.2 with an
early SP, does not work in Xe...so things that worked in B733.2 DOES NOT
work in Xe..what kind of upgrade is that? I can look at some business
functions source code and the code is OLDER in Xe than it is in
B733.2..again, code management...
This is my one beef with JDE, but it is a major one. I can shrug it off
after years of working with JDE..but users don't understand how an 'upgrade'
or 'fix' breaks things.
One really big positive to this is that after talking with a manager
from the response line, they said that customers will be able to selectively
download portions of ESU's. I think one of the problems is that an ESU can
be huge (one of the ones we applied had 15 pages of sars!). If you could
download and install only the sar(s) that pertained to your issue, it would
reduce the possibility of other issues being caused by the application of
the ESU..
Sorry, but this is my hot topic with JDE. I was really looking forward
to working with Xe coming from two other employers at older versions of JDE
(B733, B733.1, B733.2), and Xe was a bit of a letdown.


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RE: JDE\'s Code Management


I understand your problem having worked with OneWorld for 3+ years now. I
would have to comment that I really believe Xe is head and shoulders above
the earlier releases. It seems much more stable and OMW makes life so much
easier. I can only hope that JDE uses it to control their own software.

I am with you and really don't like to see JDE making the customer apply
SAR's that are not effecting their operation.

Bill Williams