JDEPLAN has vanished from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Login screen (Environment tab)


Dear members

I have a CNC-related question to you hoping that you can provide me with an idea how to resolve the problem.

I have been required to make Host-name and IP Address changes for Enterprise and Deployment servers.
After changing all host-names and IP addresses registered in the above-mentioned servers, I disabled Security Server and logged on JDEPLAN in Deployment Server to change there machine names being recorded with old Deployment Server host-names.

Starting from yesterday, JDEPLAN has vanished from Select Environment dialogue box at the time of JD Edwards Sign in. I can access only to DEP910.


I have referred to My Oracle support documents to find out how to resolve the current issue, but I have been unable to find any document there.
As a result I consulted to some CNC consultants who asked me to take the following steps.

1. Confirm if Planner source code is in JDEdwards/E910. (It is there)
2. Connect E1 Local in SQL and check if JDEPLAN910.F0094 exists or not. (Confirmed, it exists)
3. Confirm if JDEPLAN is in JDEPLAN910.F0094 (Confirmed that it is there.)

select distinct LMLL from JDEPLAN910.F0094;

I do not know what the following actions can be taken to restore JDEPLAN back to Select Environment.

I have thought if it is a better idea to assign JDE to JDEPLAN once more in the database or not.

Any of your opinion is highly appreciated.
Thank you

All the Best: Technician