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JDEList in Internet Explorer 10


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Eric and the Administrators,

I have just had my Internet Explorer (at work) upgraded from 9 to 10. When I logged on to JDEList The log on screen was centred. That is OK. When I went to read a post the post text was centred and that is a little difficult to read.

So I added JDEList as a compatibility site and the justification went back to being left justified.

I have attached a zip file containing two Word (97 to 2003 - .doc) Documents that shows the same screens in compatibility mode and not in compatibility mode.


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Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Or is it something strange with the way my organisation has set up Internet Explorer?

Christian Audet

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I checked and I don't get this behavior on IE11. I have skipped 10, I went directly from 9 to 11. not sure if that explains anything


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not sure if that explains anything

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Neither am I. I don't know if it is an IE10 (on Win7-Enterprise x64 sp1) bug that is fixed in IE11 that doesn't show in compatibility view of IE10.

Whatever the case, I am stuck on IE10 for the time being.