jdeFwriteConvert works fine on FAT client, on E1 server is not readable


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I wrote a bsfn to write out a file to the file system. I execute the BSFN from P5549001|CSG0001. On my fat client it looks fine. When I execute it on the WebClient/E1 server(OS400), it's unreadable

I made an entry in P93081 and still getting the same non human readable file. I'm assuming it's dumping unicode but can't tell.

see attached for the P93081 setting and also attached the non-readable file created.

Is there something I'm missing?

UPDATE: couple issues when copying file from the iseries via a share, you need to do some extra work involved converting text. Best way is to convert it, is to copy it from iseries nav. If you writing directly to a /QNTC share you need to set the encoding to IBM-37 -


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It's possible. 400's are always different too - it may be re-coding the data on reads rather that writes, are you opening it from Operations Navigator?