JDEDEBUG.LOG and table I/O - is the table cached or not?


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Hi folks

I have an interesting question on P98613 and subsystems.

Am I right in thinking when a subsystem is first launched it creates it's table database cache based on what tables were setup for caching at the time the UBE first runs....?

Am I also right in thinking, asking CNC to reset database cache does nothing to affect what the SBS is holding in it's cache?

Am I right in thinking UBEs spawned from a Subsystem share the same cache as the calling subsystem? Or is that down to asynch synch calling?

The issue I have is F0010 and subsystems. I want to make sure the SBS inherits the correct fiscal period and doesn't 'stick' with what it was when it first launched.
We reset every SBS' every 1st Thursday
The Finance team only nudge the fiscal period on on day 6 of the month. Then tell CNC to refresh the cache.

I am worried the 2 maybe out of whack until the SBS is restarted.

Is there an indication in the debuglog that a select statement came from cache or the DB proper? Or is it just check P98613?


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