jdeCallBusinessService error 101


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Hi Guys,

I've created a proxy bssv to call external bssv from jde (to webcenter content). I tested from java class and works fine.

I've created a BSFN to call proxy from batch, but I have a problem because idReturnValue return 101. I deployed to Integrated WebLogic and the security is configured in P954000 (ping response Successful).

About this code error in this link https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17984_01/doc.898/e14693/e1_as_web_serv_consum.htm this say: CallBSSVServiceDoesNotExist

What happens? The problem could be in deploy? in any other configuration?

I remember this works me some moths ago, but now I don't know why failure :(



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Don't worry! It's fixed.

In the logs could see "unmarshall" error, this was because the xml document template for data structure wasn't equal and other problem was some numeric attributes wasn't MathNumeric else Integer, Float, etc. and JDE doesn't like this types, only MathNumeric.