jdebchappr and jdevbchapr


Dear List,

Has anyone experienced any problem with the G/L and A/P batch approval processes (i.e. automatic post upon approval). Xe and Xe Update 1 seem to work when the approved by user is the same as the secured user. There is a lot of inconsistencies on the workflow messaging. The automatic post upon approval sometimes work on the Demo Junior. However, the client/server edition of Xe on the SQL
Server platform is totally not working.

To recreate the scenario:
1) Activate the Batch Approval/Post Security Constant's G/L Batch Security and A/P Batch Security. Add demo as the approved-by user. Add demo and jde the secured users.
2) Select the Management approval of input in the GA and AP Constants.
3) Activate the jdebbchappr and jdevbchapr processes in the Process Master.
4) Enter the address book number for demo in the distribution list of the recipient rule for the activated processes.
5) Add a Manual Journal (P0911) using demo and jde logins.
6) demo will then approve the journals created by demo / jde using the General Journal Review P0011.
7) The journals should automatically post after the approval.

Can anyone help?