E9.0 JDE XML payload has wrong values for larger approval amounts

Hi Team ,
I need a help in XML payload error , when ever Purchase order created in JDE system and data sent to third-party that time BSFN uploads XML file . If PO value more than 100 million ( $ 100 000 000 ) example Purchase order values $ 100 000 050 that time its updating $100 000 048 in third party system 2 $ reduced but why this kind of faulty values but PO values less than 100 millions $ there are no issues. Any help will be appreciated .

Notes : In JDE system there are nothing changes in PO values its only problem when ever XML file generated.

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Ritesh kumar
JDE E1 Developer
XE , 8.11 , 9.0 , 9.2


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Have you debugged the BSSV and inspected the payload from the BSFN? Have you debugged the BSFN that invokes the BSSV?