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I have a problem with forms and reports’ titles. We finished several months ago translation of One World Xe but without translate a/m titles.
Short remember: in B73.3.2 release it was a designated tool for this job - I believe it was P9820 application. This application it’s not longer available in B73.3.3 release.
How did you deal with this issue? (Excepting override using Design Form application)
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Hi Gabriel,

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We also have the same problem. I have already reported it to the JDE Rsponse Line and it has an SAR too. You can read more about this issue on the SAR Watch board of this Forum where I opened a thread for it.

I have worked a lot on our Hungarian translations starting from B7321.

There are two Vocabulary Override application in B7321, P9820 for APPLs, P9821 for UBEs. P9820 allowed to translate Form Titles but P9821 doesn't allow to translate Report Titles. I was able to make possible the Report Title translations.

Starting with B733, the Vocabulary Override functionality were replaced with P9220 (for APPL and UBE too), although B7331 and B7332 contained the obsolete P9820 and P9821 too.

I was afraid to use these obsolete applications for translations because I supposed they can corrupt the APPL and UBE specs.

Please, let me also know if you find any solution.


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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I'm having the same problem in B733. I've opened a call with JDE Help Desk but haven't been able to get an answer from. Dose anybody know a work around for this?

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1 - Zoltán said: <<Starting with B733, the Vocabulary Override functionality were replaced with P9220 (for APPL and UBE too) >>
2 - I see you have 'the same problem in B733'; did you take P9220 for a ride, BEFORE opening the call with Denver?
3 - You have included Xe in your signature - at the same time with B733? - which one is it?
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We are using P9220 for translation. It lets you change everything except the form description and we have custom programs that needs to be translated to French.

We are on XE SP21.

Thanks for your help