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For some users JDE seems very hard to navigate, not user friendly. I know, ERP is not a fancy software, but the end user need to navigate it easily.

Now I am in trouble, top management need a screen to manage employee profile with no more one click. They need all the data should be populated in one screen.

How can I convince them to use power of JDE ? Now I am doing it with Power Forms.
Some other thoughts ?

They want to view most of the details in one page. Of course, they will have a large screen.
We have created several "portal" type applications to give users a view of a lot of data. Based on the nature of the info you can:

Use a tree control on the left side of the screen with nodes for each category or segmented set of info. This works great if your data is hierarchical. Selecting a node displays a different sub form to the right with the details of selected category. You may have several sub forms that may be as simple or complex as needed and hidden or displayed based on the tree node selected.


Display the information in tabs where the tab pages may or may not be sub forms, depending on their complexity.

just a thought,
Great thought craig.
How about Collaborative Portal ? Where can I find more about Collaborative portal.
I read somewhere that Collaborative portal can be used for Self Services, which is more user friendly.
I haven't worked with the portal module. I was referring to a "portal" type of interface where the user can view much info from one place and there would be links (interconnects) to related apps for transactions.
top management need a screen to manage employee profile with no more one click

Even if you get them to one APPLICATION, that application will undoubtedly take many clicks to drill into information they are looking for (as craig suggested)

My suggestion, give them a piece of paper(the size of their screen) and pencil and make them draw out what they want it to look like. They will soon find that whats being requested just doesn't fit on any one screen without clicking around.(tabs/trees/form interconnect)
Sounds like they don't know how to use Favorites effectively.

Perhaps even some pre-set / default Favorites could be created by user role group.
Hello Rauf,

You can create layouts with CafeOne which oracle has introduced in JDE 9.1.

In layouts you can include different application forms and URL on a single webpage.

Using that you can easily show all details in single page.