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We tried adding and removing roles for users from the back-end. We updated the RLEXPIRDATE column in F95921 table to the system date to remove role for an user-id and inserted a row with the system date to RLEFFDATE in F95921 table to add an role to an id.
But when I search for the user-id from the web client for the user-id, I'm not able to get the roles for the user-ids that i have added or disabled from the back-end.
We were also getting this error when i did an search for the user-id in P95921 ie 'Record Invalid: The record being processed already exists for an 'ADD" function or doesn't exist for 'INQUIRY', 'CHANGE' or 'DELETE' function.

Is this approach of adding and removing roles from back-end in JDE safe? Kindly advise.
Note: (JDE 9.0, (Database Oracle 11g)

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Capture the SQL statement from the debug log (easier done from a fat client). That should tell you what JDE is selecting and why it is not being returned when you search for it.

Just a check, which you most likely are doing. When you change the expiry date and add the new records, do you convert the system date to JDE's date format?

As for whether it is safe, it always safer using the application over the back end. In the circumstances described, I would have thought that it would have been just as easy to make the changes using JDE as doing it in the back end.
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Madav Karna

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Yes we are converting the dates to JDE Julian format.

Thanks for your response. There is an Automated User access review tool that is being integrated with all the applications in our organization.
So all the user creation, role access and removal tasks will be automated via tool.
The automation team contacted us and got our help on framing the sql for role access provisioning and revoking.
Now using the same they removed roles for certain users in DEV environment via back-end, and then we were asked to validate it from JDE.
This when we got the below error message:
"Record Invalid: The record being processed already exists for an 'ADD' function or doesn't exist for 'INQUIRY', 'CHANGE' or 'DELETE' function."
So wanted to know whether provisioning or revoking roles from the back-end is causing the above error.

SG Madav Karna
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