JDE tool on 9.1

Abir Mannan

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Hi Just checking if anyone did this or planning to do this.
I am not sure if this is possible, was trying to see the pre req of the newest toolset.

Abir Mannan

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Hey Adrian, I will very much like to know how it goes for you. we are also planning to move to new toolset but our managed CNC told us they did not have good luck with on 9.1 so far.


Hi Abir,
We are in the process of moving our 9.1 Applications from TR to TR
Oracle supports it as is.
Good luck,

Did you find any issues promoting regular OMW objects (regular = non-UDO) between 9.1.4 and 9.2.2 path codes ?

The reason I ask is because as per Oracle "All Object Librarian type records are inserted into a database repository."
At first I though this is only related to BSFNs and partially tables, since UBEs/APPs/DSTR are already stored in Central Objects tables, but now I just discovered they actually mean all objects. Does it mean F98741 etc tables are not used anymore ? Or they just added F98780R table as a repository ?


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Hi Abir & Longrider2,
The CNC consultant preparing this migration has estimated to start sometimes in June.
I'll provide further details /issues found after that.