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Hi all!

I was wondering if any of you know of any 'testing software' to use for
setting up formal testing of JDE OW?

We just purchased the AS400 and JDE. We'll have testers doing all of the
formal testing. I was asked to see if there is some type of software out
there designed for this or to use to help in the process of designing or
setting up the testing.

Any help you could give would sure be appreciated.


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JDE has a product called AutoPilot. Its allows you to create scripts which
emulate OneWorld processes (order entry, voucher entry, etc). You can then
run and rerun them as many times as you like.

I haven't used it so I can't comment how good, bad or indefferent it is but
I do believe it can be complex to setup correctly.


Lee Richards
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Mike Dupaix

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JDE offers a testing/scripting tool as part of the Solution Accelerator Suite. This is a package of tools that can be used to direct and control process setups and testing. Contact your engagement (client) manager for more information.

Mike Dupaix
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Thank you Mike and to all that have replied. We have purchased the JDE
Scripting Tool. We're about to have the AS400, the server, JDE and
everything installed... We're looking at testing ideas, what people
think... If things have improved with Xe...

:) Lori


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I am sorry to say that I have been pretty unimpressed with XE quality. We are live on B733.2 at the moment. We put it down (along with XU1) mid March. We wanted to go live mid April but could not. We have put down 13 ESUs (after XU1) and still have several serious issues that we are just going to go live with this weekend.

I would hope that JDE watches the number of SARs and fixes and judges for themselves how much the quality has improved. Sure wish they would succeed in this area. They did when they went from 733.1 to 733.2 - so it can be done.

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