E8.1 JDE Table to retrieve all Forms' Row Exit options

Felipe Vidal

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Hi Team,

Do you happen to know if there is a table in JDE that contains all Row Exit for a given Form ID.

For example, having the app P41026 (IBranch) Form W41026E (Work with Item Branch), that it enlists:
• Item/Branch Info.
• Category Codes
• Additional System Information
• Quantities
• Cost Revisions

& so & so... I'm checking that in the Form Design Aid, these Exits are included under each Form, under the option Menus (File, Form, Row), so I would like to know how JDE stores this data.

The objective is reporting (i.e., using SQL to find all forms/rows/views associated to a given program).



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That is a very complex request. Check out tables in the F98 group for development. F9875* tables are for forms, F9874* are for event rules., All of the detail information is in BLOB fields so not readable in SQL.

Some of the information you mentioned can be viewed in the cross reference application P980011. You may want to review the program that builds the cross reference R980011 to see how it works.

Another way to look at the data is from UTB using the Open Local Specs option.

Good Luck,

Neal Scarr

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The Security Workbench (P00950) shows form Row Exits when adding Hyper Exit security (type 6). It uses the B0000950 (Get Hyper/Tab Exit Name) business function, so you could write a UBE that uses the logic in the P00950 to populate a custom table.