JDE Table Export 2 XML



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We've just released a new free tool, which as the name suggests, allows you to export whole JDE tables into XML.

It uses JDE functionality, so the resulting files are compatible with and importable with R98403XA.

1) The export process is remarkably fast, so this process can be used for DB migrations across databases or systems;
2) Of course the XML files can be filtered manually after they are created, so they may only contain a subset of the rows in the end - this way bits and pieces of your data can be shipped off for installation elsewhere;
3) As you know, R98403XA has a number of options that control how the data is to be imported, so that part is reasonably flexible. In fact, this is how ESU's normally deliver any additional configuration data.

You can download it directly from our website, just go to http://www.everestsoftint.com/download.php and fill in the request form. (double-check your e-mail address before submitting the form and if you still do not receive an automated response, check with your mail admins, or try using another email address)