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JDE Table Data Back up and Restore ( Modified Table structure)



I have a requirement to modify an existing table with 5 new columns to added to that.
we need the existing data back up and after table modification need to restore the existing data back up ( with Null Values into the new columns)

Could you suggest the best way to do this . with sample SQLs for data back up and restore with new table structure.

We are into E9.1



Hi, see attached sample SQL to do it.
--- PRODDTA.F55M0001

create table PRODDTA.F55M0001_20181203 as select * from PRODDTA.F55M0001

select count(*) from PRODDTA.F55M0001_20181203
select count(*) from PRODDTA.F55M0001

desc PRODDTA.F55M0001

--- create table from JDE

' ' as SI56SRCDT,0 as SI56DS0019, ' ' as SI56DS0020, 0 as SIUK02
FROM PRODDTA.F55M0001_20181203

select count(*) from PRODDTA.F55M0001_20181203
select count(*) from PRODDTA.F55M0001

----drop table PRODDTA.F55M0001_20181203