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My employer is currently upgrading from JDE to 9.2. NOTE: I am a developer, but I believe this is the correct forum to pose my question.

1) I created a new custom table F55XXXXX in 9.2 via the Table Design Aid. I generated the table and the indexes.
2) There are currently 3 JDE 9.2 DB Users - JDE, JDER, and JDEX.
3) All JDE users assigned to DB User JDE have access to table F55XXXXX because DB User JDE has the JDEADMIN role assigned to it whereas JDER and
JDEX do not have the JDEADMIN role, so any JDE users assigned to DB Users JDER and JDEX did/do not have access to this table.
4) I had the DBA add the table to one of the roles assigned to both DB Users JDER and JDEX. Now all JDE Users have access to table F55XXXXX.
5) I've never had to have a DBA add a table to any of the DB users in JDE to grant access which leads me to the following question...

Is there possibly a system table in JDE where a record has to be created for each DB User, so the Table Design Aid knows to grant access to the DB Users for any tables that are generated?

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Please include which DB and tools you are using in the future. In general I'd guess that it was your database that was denying access, and not JDE. Your database does not care about JDE security, hence assigning JDEADMIN to the user would have no effect on the DB.

Since you have 2 custom DB users, I'm assuming it is to restrict access to the 'physical' tables. I'm using this to take my guess.



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Thanks for the response.

Yes. That is correct. The 2 custom DB Users, are to restrict access to the 'physical' tables. I wasn't 100% sure how to phrase the question.

I did receive a response from another CNC source external to the Forum. The response is as follows:

"When a table is generated in XE it gives *PUBLIC access to the table. Since this is horrible security, they changed this in 9.2 and it's currently configured where JDEADMIN is defaulted access. Additional roles can be configured to allow access to new tables."

Thanks again.



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"I've never had to have a DBA add a table to any of the DB users in JDE to grant access ..."

Probably because your 7.3.3 database had its kimono wide open - public access to everything!
JDE shipped that way out of the box up until version 9.2 when the JDEUSER and JDEADMIN db roles were introduced.
Prior to 9.2 it was up to the customer to secure the database and prevent Johnny and Jenny from seeing things they shouldn't ...