JDE Support Service Levels Agreements Discussion


Please avoid any pot shots as I open up this can of worms. There are lots
of jokes and horror stories that we all could share. In addition, we have
some good things also that JDE may have saved us from in the past.

I am trying to determine the SLAs with my internal customers and am having a
hard time getting JDE SLAs. I am trying to avoid setting up my IT team for
failure. So would like to query you on real world experiences.

These questions are is in regards to JDE OneWorld B7332 or B7333

Do any of you know of or have any formal service level agreements (SLA) in
place with JDE?

What are the specific measurable, deliverable points of service?

Do they include night or weekend support?

Do you have any metrics on their ability to meet them?

Are there any penalty clauses, refunds, etc if they are not met or are they
just goals that they try to achieve?

What languages do you use and do they support under your agreement?

Are any of you using a 3rd party vendor for your phone support (suppliers
please don't respond, I want customers of the service or I am in the same
boat of trying to evaluate words and promises with no actuals)?

Doug Adamson
Tricon Restaurants Int'l
JDE Technical Project Manager
WK 972-338-7147
FX 972-338-6959

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