JDE Software License


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As it seems that many of this lists users are not the ones that receive JDE
announcements and letters, but in many cases should. I thought I'd those
people a heads up.

Received today a nice letter, saying basically, please get your software
license up to date, that they have legal recourse and the agreement allows
them to audit your usage. If you are not in compliance, they are offering an
amnesty through 5/21/01 (not a lot of time IMO ) to update your number of
licensed users.
If you are out of compliance, by contacting them during this amnesty period,
they "will waive any contractual penalties or other remedies allowed under
copyright law in the event you are not in compliance".

"please contact Chuck Daniels at 713-624-7802 to take advantage"

I dunno if they are planning audits or not, don't care, but FYI.


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We received one of these letters, too. It looks like JDE is following
Micro$oft's lead on this. It's a quick way to generate additional revenue
without a lot effort on their part.

The time frame they indicate is very short, but if you check the wording, it
does not say that you have to have all your compliance issues resolved by 5/21.
Only that you contact them by that date.


dale_draper <[email protected]> on 05/15/2001 01:37:47 PM