JDE Security based on Company & Order type combination


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There are few users who need to do Inter company orders ST/OT across companies as well as work for the company they belong to. Example an ST from company 00100 to OT company 00230. However, this same user should create other orders example SO only for the company that he works for example Company 00100.The Scenario considered here is that user works for Company 00100 and he has do Sales orders for company 00100 as well as Intercompany orders such as ST-OT from company 00100 to 00230 ,00280,00130 and so on.

The way we are doing this now is we have a role named SALESINTC which has data security across all companies. This role has higher sequence number compared to other sales roles

We then have company specific roles example HQ1 which has access to only specific company

The way we manage this scenario at the moment is via menu filtering. The ST/OT application menu is visible only to SALESINTC whereas other sales applications are visible to the other roles. A user need to login with SALESINTC role, do the ST/OT transaction and then logout and login again with a specific role to do other types of sales orders
We do not have company specific versions and do not have company specific menu. We have a global template model type of architecture where same version is used for all companies for a specific order type
We would like to know how other JDE customers are handling this without having their users logout and login with specific roles


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Lets say user X has both the roles , then you are saying when they have to do activity 1 , they sign with specific role , then log out then again sign with role 2 , what if they sign with the option * ALL my roles , then they get to see both , if the user has both roles and there is no conflict on version security . Now the problem could be they could mix in versions , like stay in one and key in a order of another type , but that can be mitigated by order type column security not allowing them to change , order activity rules make them a little different for users to see and figure , that they have entered wrong and something on those lines .