JDE Scheduler Question


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We have a set of jobs (a big list of reports) running on the JDE scheduler only during Mon thru Fri.
Question :
How do we set the JDE scheduler to run the same set of jobs only on a particular Saturday?.
Is there any easy method without having to create another entry for every report in that set.

Any insights? Please help.


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If these reports aren't huge time-consuming or update-type jobs, you could just run them every Saturday, so just extend your Mon thru Fri to be Mon thru Sat.
Otherwise, you will have to create a new scheduler job for the specific Saturday for each report to run.

Oh, for a REAL scheduler!


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Thanks so much for your reply.

I was hoping there is some magic way to kick-off all the jobs scheduled Mon-Fir to run only on one specific Saturday so extending it to Saturday does not suit here and yes, your second option seems like the only available option.

Appreciate your reply


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We use a launcher - basically a custom UBE that submits several UBEs mentioned in processing options...Thanks


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runubexml.exe is also an easy way. create a .bat file with all of the UBEs that you need to run and then use a real scheduler to kick them off. That is the super cheap way.

Or buy JDE scheduling software but if you don't need to dynamically change processing options or build complex relationships, that is an expensive way to go.


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As aaro mentioned, it can be on POs.

To make it more flexible, we can just create a custom table(F55ToRun) with PID, VERS, CCAI and prepare a driver report to call all F55ToRun records. We can make CCAI (Active/ Inactive) flag to make if we need to run this report or not.

In the driver report, we will use System Function/ Report Interconnect to call the active reports.


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Appreciate the details Rauf - yes I was trying to find out how flexible the JDE Scheduler really is - apparently it looks like its not really very flexible for the day to day scheduling needs which is why most clients invest in a good third party scheduler , I guess (like Robot etc.)