JDE Scheduled Jobs not showing in the scheduled jobs list in P91300

Madav Karna

Active Member

We have a weekly job scheduled to run on every friday, but for last few weeks we noted that it was not running, and when we saw that in P91300 we saw no future schedules for that job, so we copied the job schedule and created a new one and made the existing in-active. But the newly created job schedule is not available under P91300 but under all schedules we saw the future schedules for the newly created schedule.

As we didn't see the new scheduled job at first in P91300, we tried creating another copy from the existing schedule with a different job name and now we have two schedules of the same report with different job names in active, as we dont see them under P91300, any help on how to delete these duplicate scheduled jobs from the scheduler would be helpful.

SG Madav Karna,