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JDE Role Chooser Not Appearing for a Windows 7/IE 10 User


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We have a user who has IE 10 and Windows 7 and every time she logs in, the box for the Role chooser is there, but the roles aren't in the box, so ultimately she can't log in. We reset her IE settings and then the roles show up and she can log in. We do this very often for her, so I am hoping to find a quick solution. Has anyone else ran into this issue and have any suggestions?



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AJ, This is exactly why we use Citrix, we can lock down the desktop and force cache clearing. It solves 99% of our browser issues.

That being said, the quick hitters are: 1) have her clear her cache when she has issues; 2) Make sure she doesn't have plug-ins she doesn't need (ie google toolbar, yahoo toolbar, etc); and 3) at least in our case make sure your URL is in her trusted sites list.

Hope this helps



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Thanks Tom. We no longer use Citrix here, but I can see how that would help in these situations.