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I am not sure this is right place to post .I am an experienced developer in .net and java and a bit of SAP.But am quite new to JDE. My question here is where I can view the code behind for the JDE reports ( like the tables / query involved in building the report). Do i need to use any tools ? If so can some one guide me please ?

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The name of the tool is OMW. You need to have a JDE client working installation then run OMW from the bar on the top.
Then put into your default project the object you want to inspect and click design icon.

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You need a FAT client and could use the Xref (if it's been build) to show you what the UBE does. Doesn't tell you if a tableis update or just lookup though.
You may need a developer for all that

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It is also a good idea to go thru the development guide so you know whats is happing in the code. Search for E1 documentation on Oracle and download it.

Well its much better then SAP in terms of events handling on screens and reports where you need to do much of coding in SAP and easy to find & understand. Good Luck.