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We are on E1 9.0 and tools 8.98.42.

We are converting some data and users from Oracle and Peoplesoft systems. In Oracle and Peoplesoft apparently, there is an option to create users that are 'Reports only', so no license or a different kind of license is required for these users. In JDE as I understand it, the licenses are based on whether a person has a sign on to JDE regardless of what they do. So if we have 10 or 20 Oracle users that only run reports, to give them JDE access to view similar reports would mean using up 10 to 20 licenses. Either that or make the data they need available outside of JDE in some way. We do this for some reports, run them in JDE, then push them to a place on the network where they can be viewed by non JDE users.

Does any one have a suggestion on giving these people some sort of JDE reports only access? Is that something that can be done? How have others addresses similar issues.

Well, one way is to use a scheduler of course - and to save the results in a shared drive. Of course that would only work on regularly submitted tasks.

Another way is to script the RunBatch process for your enterprise server - so that a user could use some sort of program to trigger the use of a UBE on the enterprise server. The UBE would still need to run as a user, but it would be similar to how the scheduler works.

The only disadvantage for both of these procedures is that the user cannot provide data selection or processing options. If you need to modify what the reports are running against, then you'll need named user licenses no matter what !
At one of my earlier project we designed custom app where there were groups of peoples defined for the reports. The reports would run in scheduled batch and then pdf would be emailed to the distribution list attached. As Jon said the user will not have any control on execution but this approach is good for adhoc reporting where user dont need access but just some reports & data on frequent basis.

You could use our Cantara Integration Platform. It allows you to submit jde reports with overrides for processing options, report interconnects and data selection as well as batch queue and print immediate. If there are only a small number of reports you could just create a simple web page using html and javascript that allows the user to specify the values they need and submit the reports. You can also check job status and get the filename so you could provide a link to the PDF once the UBE has been completed.