JDE POST Request Web Service


Greetings everybody,

I have to develop an application form where the user inputs two variables and by the press of a button it runs a web service and returns some data.

I've tried lots of tutorials and I always get stucked at JDeveloper when I create a web service proxy which requires an WSDL . Unfortunetly, the link of the webservice is not WSDL, therefore I can't continue.

Hope I can receive some advice, this forum is the best way I've could learn JDE

Thank you,

JDE Software Developer
JD Edwards EnterpirseOne, Release 9.1 on Windows


Hi Cosmin,

I'm not fully understanding the issue.
I've written a document which you can find on JDEsource.
The logic is essentially, you write an E1 BSFN that will retrieve the data that you need.
The BSSV will call your BSFN and you just need to map the fields.

I hope this somewhat helps.

kind regards,
David T.