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JDE performance

We plan to open a e-commerce site. So we want to know whether JDE can be backend of the site. Especially, we concern JDE performance limitations.
Pls give advices of bellow two questions.

1. JDE is running on 32-bit mode, will it cause performance problems?
2. How to setup workload balance for JDE? For example, running a same applications on more the one JDE Enterprise servers.



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Please post, JDE Version, tools release, DB, and config info. There is way to little information here for anyone to give you a hand.


In general without knowing specifics our customers using our e-commerce application ERP2Web don't see performance issues. Below is my advice to our customers

1. It will not cause performance problem
2. Each Enterprise server instance will be treated as one instance of ERP2Web

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Kelly Fassbinder
mobile: 708.205.8434