JDE Menu Studio - Upgrade, edit, export, compare and reorganize JDE menus easily!



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Users normally access JDE using its complicated menu structure, which becomes the very first puzzle the users have to solve. Many approaches exist in trying to make this first hurdle easier for the users, but implementing any such strategy in "vanilla" JDE is a painful manual process of editing grids after grids of data, one byte at a time.

The number of tasks available in JDE is huge. And so this tool is solving this inherent complexity by providing a convenient and intuitive GUI that allows to do any such editing as easy as possible.

Simplifying menu management leaves menu designers free to design and security administrators free to administer security, saving everyone a lot of time, minimizing associated risks, much effort and of course reducing cost of ownership.

Simply put, it's an absolute must-have for all sites still using JDE menus!