JDE Knowledge Garden SAR Search enhanced


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JD Edwards has enhanced the Knowledge Garden SAR Search, and has provided an
informative audio/visual demo of how to use it. The demo is perhaps 10
minutes long. I viewed the tutorial and recommend it to all.

At the JDE web site, log on to the Knowledge Garden. There is a link to the
tutorial from this page.

The tutorial was created for JD Edwards by the folks at

(Food for thought: Could your company benefit by incorporating this
streaming audio/visual content on your web site? There are several examples
on the www.technologyhelp.com site that describe how audio/visual content
can enhance the value of a company's web site.)
mailto:[email protected]
Thanks for the Info.

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R4 (soon to be V4R5)
You can also download excel spread sheets of SAR's in A73 cum 9,10,11,12 and A81 cum 2,3.

The SAR numbers are links to the SAR's on website. You can sort by system code and perform other searches too.