In the Jde.ini on the line JDETIMEOUT = (number)
what is the purpose of this line
can i put a timeout of 300

im on IntelNt Sp6
Jde OW sp13.1
and Citrix Mf 1.8 sp2




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John WAZZUP :)

There is a document on the knowledge garden (Oti-00-0161) about this setting. From my understanding it is the communication time limit between the enterprise server and the Client.(Someone out there can explain this better). For users that are having trouble with downloading Large PDF file from the ES, you can increase the time limit on this setting. I currently have mine set to 120 so I could get some 700 page reports off of our ES.

Hope this helps.

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You might want to make it higher (600 or 900). This will control
the system timeout. For example with OW and some of their VERY large
PDF files that are generated you might timeout before the system can
open the document. By increasing the timeout section (on your
Deployment Server and on client(s)) you will/should then be able to open
these large PDF files.

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