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Jde.ini update on log in citrix



my problem is when we deploy on a FAT workstation (nt 4 sp6)
the jde.ini is updated on the installation .... so i can back up the user jde.ini and then when the installation is finished , restore the old jde.ini on the workstation with the user settings ! everythings is fine ...

on Citrix the jde.ini for the user is updated when the user log in OW SO he take the jde.ini from the server(c:wtsrv\system) so the user return to the old settings. My problem is the user got to log on OW before their jde.ini update ... so even if i make back up of their jde.ini with their settings (c:\wtsrv\profile\windows), the update will take the server jde.ini

what i want is that the user jde.ini update when i install the build
so i can restore their jde.ini after the installation

Or if you have any other solutions to help me thx

my system is
Winnt 4 sp6 sql (OW server)
Winnt Tse 4 Sp6 (thin)



Thank you

and for the record i use this command to change the time stamp
of all my jde.ini

COPY filename /B + ,, /Y